Graham Colditz

Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH

Biostatistics Core Co-Leader; Administrative Core Associate Director
Niess-Gain Professor, Chief, Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Surgery
Associate Director of Prevention and Control, Siteman Cancer Center
Deputy Director, Institute for Public Health
(314) 454-7939

Research Interests
Dr. Colditz has a longstanding interest in the causes and prevention of chronic disease, particularly among women. He has evaluated numerous lifestyle factors, documenting that current use of postmenopausal hormone therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. He has developed statistical models to more accurately classify levels of risk for several cancers. Other areas of his expertise include tobacco and obesity in relation to cancer. He also documented that smoking increases the risk of stroke and total mortality among women and that weight gain increases the risk of diabetes. Dr. Colditz has focused extensively on the validation of self-report information for use in large scale epidemiologic studies and refined diet assessment tools for use in public health settings such as WIC. He has devoted much effort to the application of scientific advances in cancer prevention to broader population programs working with the American Cancer Society and the Massachusetts Cancer Control Program. He also developed the website to communicate tailored prevention messages to the public. He leads a team writing the Cancer News in Context blog.

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