David DeNardo, PhD

DeNardo April 2017

Project 1 Pancreas SPORE Co-Investigator; Administrative Core Associate Director
Associate Professor, Divisions of Hematology and Oncology

Research Interests
The goal of the research in Dr. DeNardo's laboratory is to identify the molecular mechanisms by which malignant cells derail antitumor immune responses to instead favor immune programs that facilitate tumor progression. His belief is that understanding the immune microenvironment (or niche) in which tumor cells reside will allow for the identification of pharmacological targets that can be exploited to destroy malignant disease. Thus, his laboratory uses profiling of retrospective human samples, 3-dimensional tissue culture systems and genetically engineered mouse models to identify and validate targetable immune molecules to break pro-tumor properties of tumor-associated leukocytes and enhance the efficacy of anti-cancer therapies.
Current focus: 
1. Understanding the interactions between tumor cells and immune responses that drive cancer progression
2. Pharmacologically targeting macrophage/monocyte chemo-attractants to alter tumor-associated myeloid cell infiltration and improve cancer patient outcomes
3. Understanding the tumor specific determinants that control host immune responses

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